Studio B brings together a network of collaborators and design experts. We are always furthering our research-based knowledge and our endless curiosity about architecture through writing, research, teaching and lecturing. 

We work predominantly on cultural, education and residential projects - and enjoy instigating projects and making things happen, as much as undertaking commissions. We are committed to long-term knowledge sharing, and our involvement in design education informs our work. 

With little interest in short-lived trends we draw on context, place and people to develop ideas that are appropriate and meaningful. Materials, craft and an understanding of construction shapes our thinking, to develop proposals that are thought through and meaningful. 

We believe in a progressive form of practice structure that enables us to work collaboratively with a network of designers, engineers and makers. We like to make things happen - and sometimes that means instigating projects or sharing speculative ideas. Our studio is underpinned by an ethical belief in using design as a means to improve, make better and realise potential. 

Together we are able to support clients and communities in developing appropriate strategies, understanding the visual, analytic and practical issues from the outset of a project. It is our belief that developing a clear, suitable and well-understood brief at the outset of a project is core to its future success.

Through design we seek to develop proposals that are appropriate, functional and enjoyable for clients and end users. A small, nimble practice we advise on and can manage design teams to bring to together the appropriate knowledge needed on each project.

Studio B was co-founded by daughter - father co-team Zoë Berman and Alan Berman, who both warmly enjoy working collaboratively with artists, designers, engineers, makers and thinkers from a range of backgrounds.




103 Southfield Rd
Oxford, OX4 1NY



96 Teesdale Street
London, E2 6PU